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About Snake PEPE

Future of AI Gaming

Snake PEPE is workingwith an AI-integrated Gaming Platform that includes all the essential features needed for modern gaming, powered by artificial intelligence for smart decision-making.

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Token: Snake Pepe

Symbol: SPEPE

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Network: TON

Decimal: 9

Contract Address:



Fairlaunch: 35%

DEX: 16.02%

Platform: 16.98

Marketing: 12%

Airdrop: 10%

Team: 10%


Phase 01


Snake PEPE team believe in best quality and planning. we focus on best services to our users. at the first phase look below

  • Market Research
  • Planning and Development
  • Launch Project and Airdrop
Phase 02


After the first phase coompleted, Snake Pepe team start working on second phase to develop and grow the community and members trust.

  • Grow Community
  • Marketing
  • Audit for Snake Pepe
Phase 03

Preparation for sale

after 2nd phase, we will look forward to our sale, will start necessary steps towards token sale.

  • AMA and Partnership
  • Launch Sale
  • Partnership with and KOL, Projects
Phase 04


after completed of our 3rd phase, we will look to our fourth phase, will take the necessary step to listing

  • List to DEX
  • Test-net Platform Live
  • Airdrop Payment
Phase 05

Platform and Listing

after the previous phase, team will start work to next step, we will look forward to products and listing.

  • Listing to tier2
  • Platform live with AI
  • Application Live
Phase 06

Next Developing Planning

we previous phases, we will start with our final states for users and our platform members benefit.

  • List to Tier1 Exchanges
  • Planning for more trendy products
  • Next Roadmap Start with new planning

Meet our Creators





Snake Pepe

Dev & Designer

Olivia SPEPE

Our Supported Partners


Snake PEPE is a groundbreaking memecoin on the TON network, integrating the latest in AI technology. Seamlessly adapting to market shifts, Snake Pepe empowers investors to navigate with confidence and capitalize on emerging trends.

Yes. Snake PEPE will be release their NFT soon. Stay with us.

well, you know currently AI is in the trend and most companies working with AI, we are with trend also, we working to create a gaming platform with AI integrated decission making and also incentive for playing the game.

Snake PEPE will be launch their sale on Tronraffles.